Cracow community of

IT Business Owners

Entrepreneurs who believe in development through synergy and relations based on trust.

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Who are we?

We are a group of owners of small and medium-sized IT companies. Our group is organised on a voluntary basis without any fixed structure.

What do we do?

We get together on a regular basis. We share knowledge, expertise and experience based on our own, real stories. We tell one another about success and failure, we listen and openly discuss.

We search for answers to daily challenges our companies face. We try to deal with problems. We inspire one another to constantly change and develop. We help one another, especially in situations which others have already experienced.

We integrate the people managing small and medium sized IT companies in Cracow and launch initiatives that are vital for this environment.

Why should you join us ?

Possibility to share knowledge, know-how and experiences

Building valuable relations

Access to IT experts

Synergy and cooperation

Inspiration and development

Support and integration

Join ITKrakow

For us, friendly relations which are based on trust are important. That is why our organisation is growing thanks to the recommendation of its members. We only invite people who are special and who will contribute their experiences and their charisma.

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Strategy & Management & Support:

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